robots are coming automationNever mind zombies eating your flesh and taking over, a majority of Americans believe that robots and general technological automation will replace humans in many posts throughout the economy within the next 50 years. We can certainly see throughout history that there have been reductions or eliminations of human participation in certain roles, including the telephone switch operator and numerous factory assembly positions from glass to automobile production. Households used to have ice delivered to them in blocks cut out of the insides of caves and delivered by truck. Yet, curiously enough, most (a full 80% of respondents) don’t believe their own jobs in their current form are necessarily at risk. Aside from the irony of this, there’s the matter of what the PEW Research Center study ultimately causes us to wonder, and what articles written about the study couldn’t help asking out loud the following: Will most humans one day simply be “out of work”? Well, perhaps. Continue reading